Kindergarten, Live, Love, Learn!
3 months ago, Kindergarten
Just a reminder that homework is due for math, reading, and writing with 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders Monday and Tuesday! If you need help with the math, make sure you check the parent handouts and homework helpers in the packets.
3 months ago, Mrs. Rausch
Who misses outdoor school?
3 months ago, Joe DeWees
Good Times!
It's Friday! Have a lovely weekend Jewell Family.
3 months ago, Shelly Alford
Good morning, Jewell! It is my pleasure to introduce Julie Weichal as our new MS/HS XC program coach. Congratulations, Coach Weichal!
3 months ago, Mark Freeman
We’re thrilled to announce Jewell School District 8’s new app! Access sports scores, cafeteria menus, news updates, even emergency notifications. Download the app on Android: or iPhone:
3 months ago, Jon Wood
Everything Jewell
As of 12/01, we are tentatively scheduled to begin our mini basketball season for all MS and HS athletes on Thursday, 12/03. I emphasize tentatively! Please make sure your child is ready to start working out with their basketball peers this Thursday!
3 months ago, Mark Freeman
Have a great Thanksgiving break Jewell. Express GRATITUDE for what you are thankful for!!
3 months ago, Steve Phillips
Today's MS & HS FB practice has been canceled. Sorry for the delayed notice.
4 months ago, Mark Freeman
Good morning. Per an update from the Oregon Health Authority, all indoor practices and workouts are now on hiatus. MS/HS Volleyball will not practice today and the earliest MS/HS basketball may practice is now December 3rd. I am sorry, Blue Jays.
4 months ago, Mark Freeman
It is never too young to start them. How about a little kindergarten shop class!
4 months ago, Jon Wood
Kindergarten students working in a woodshop
Just so everyone is aware, Jewell School is still in session this week, October 16-20. The governor's order did not affect our operation at this time.
4 months ago, Jon Wood
11/10/20 Thanksgiving is nearing; a perfect time to learn about Native Americans in Social Studies! This week we focused on a handful of North American tribes. Did you know that the dream catcher is believed to have originated from the Ojibwa Chippewa tribe (Canada)? When placed above a child’s bed, the good dreams will flow through, while bad ones get trapped in its web like feature. Bad dreams would then burn away by the morning’s light. Sweet Dreams 2nd Graders! 💤
4 months ago, Kai Brown
In honor of Veterans Day, the Jewell High School Wind Ensemble is proud to present two musical selections thanking all who have served our country in the United States Armed Forces during times of war and peace. This being the band's first performance in eight months, they have worked hard to follow the new COVID-19 guidelines, and have come together as one to continue the important tradition of honoring those that have sacrificed so much for so many. Please click on the link below for this special video presentation. Video Link:
4 months ago, Cory Pederson
11/9/20 Today in science, we learned about density (how close/far apart molecules are within an object. Using the density of water (1g), we observed that Hershey’s, Milky Way, Twix, Butterfinger, Lifesaver Gummies, and Starburst sink, while Whoppers and Kit Kat float. Attached are our predictions and results! 🍬
4 months ago, Kai Brown
Sink or Float: Candy Edition
This week we are learning about sensory tools. Sensory tools are intended to promote regulation, improve focus, and increase participation, therefore enabling your child to be available for learning! Sensory toys are specially-made toys for children to help them develop their physical and mental abilities. It's a way to stimulate any of the five senses which are sight, touch, smell, hearing, and taste. The key to a sensory-informed classroom is that it supports the various sensory needs of the students in the classroom in a way that is as natural as possible. Here are a few of the projects we will be doing in the Elementary. Great to try at home as well! Squishy Ball Project: Dinosaur Eggs: Sensory Glitter Bottles: Fluffy Slime: 1st Dinosaur Eggs:
4 months ago, Renee Meier
11-4-20 This week we are learning about the weather in science. Instead of going outside and getting wet, we made our own rain in the classroom! We observed what was happening and made a sketch to show our understanding. For fun, we added in red at the end to make Purple Rain 🎶
4 months ago, Kai Brown
Clouds ☁️
Purple Rain 🎵
Rain ☔️
Good afternoon, Jewell! It is my pleasure to introduce Will Steinweg as our new high school girls head basketball coach. Congratulations, Coach Steinweg!
4 months ago, Mark Freeman
Election Day in Preschool! We have a new group of preschool students making some important decisions. The official results are in! Macaroni and Cheese won the vote for favorite food by a narrow margin! Class snack was a close race between Cheez-its and popcorn and Cheez-its pulled off the win with a tie-breaker vote! Pete the Cat, I Love My White Shoes won the vote for read-aloud by a landslide! Yesterday we had a close race between ice cream party and movie and popcorn day for the whole class reward. Our late votes came in today and we had a 6-3 vote with ice cream party winning the vote! Visit my teacher page to see more pictures from today's activities!
4 months ago, Jessica Miller
Preschool students ready to vote
Preschool celebrates Election Day and makes some very important decisions! Class results are as follows; pizza won the vote for favorite food by a landslide, popcorn won the popular vote for class snack, and The Three Little Pigs won the vote for class read-aloud by a narrow margin. The race for class reward is still to close to call, right now we have a tie between ice cream party and popcorn and movie day! Visit my teacher page to see additional photos our "Day Before Election Day Fun!"
4 months ago, Jessica Miller