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To access the Jewell School District Policy Manual click the link below.

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Board Leadership:

Chair: Lisa Payne (Position 5)

Vice Chair: TJ Hecox (Position 4)


Ryan Dietrich (Position 1)

Mike Wammack (Position 2)

Patricia Drew (Position 3)

Jewell School District Board Meetings are held in accordance with Oregon Public Meeting Law and Americans with Disabilities Act per ORS 192.630. If a person with a disability needs assistance in order to participate in a meeting or if you wish copies of the minutes or other documents, please notify Allyce Chronister at (503) 755-2451.

Time estimates are a guide. The Board reserves the right to extend time allotment or to delay discussion on any item presented until later in the meeting or at a subsequent meeting. The Chair has the authority to keep order and to impose any reasonable restrictions necessary to conduct an efficient meeting. Public may discuss topics of concern during the public comment time (3) after submitting the required intent form. The Chair may also recognize and invite public to participate in discussion of any item on the agenda. Please refer to ORS 192.610-192.690.

"Speakers may offer objective criticism of district operations and programs, but the Board will not hear complaints concerning individual district personnel in a public forum. To lodge a complaint against a district employee, please refer to the district's complaint procedure located on the district website." Please refer to Policy KL (Public Complaints) and Procedure KL-AR (Complaint Form).

"The Board appreciates community members sharing information during public comments. The Board will listen, but not comment on information we hear from the audience. However, following the meeting, the chair and superintendent will together determine if the superintendent shall respond in a public way, a private way or if the issue will be added to future board meeting or work session agendas."