Preschool celebrates Election Day and makes some very important decisions! Class results are as follows; pizza won the vote for favorite food by a landslide, popcorn won the popular vote for class snack, and The Three Little Pigs won the vote for class read-aloud by a narrow margin. The race for class reward is still to close to call, right now we have a tie between ice cream party and popcorn and movie day! Visit my teacher page to see additional photos our "Day Before Election Day Fun!"
6 months ago, Jessica Miller
Homework for my middle school math and sixth grade science class is posted on my teacher web page. Please visit to find assignments.
6 months ago, Hannah Cutts
Happy Halloween! Here are today and tomorrow’s festivities in Seaside! 🎃
6 months ago, Kai Brown
Halloween Festivities in Seaside
Just a reminder that all official social media correspondence will move to our official Facebook page at the following address:
7 months ago, Jon Wood
Updated COVID-19 information.
7 months ago, Jon Wood
Welcome to Jewell School's new website!
7 months ago, Jon Wood