Student WiFi Access

We are excited to announce that Jewell School District has partnered with Nehalem Valley Church to bring additional WiFi access to our students.  All that students will need to do is pull  into the parking lot near the front of Nehalem Valley Church.  The WiFi signal permeates almost the entire parking lot out to the road.  This network is password protected and students will need the following information to access it.

Network Name/SSID:  NVCC-School2g -or- NVCC-School5g

Password:  education

The church encourages and welcomes the students of Jewell School who otherwise have limited or no access to broadband internet to park in the church parking lot to use the connection for school purposes. There is no over-night parking at the church and the broadband signal shuts off between 12 midnight and 6am.  We hope that this helps some members of the community who, like many others in our little area here in the woods, have found it frustrating and expensive to secure reasonable broadband internet.

Jewell School will continue to partner with Nehalem Valley Church and other community partners as we work to secure more viable and faster options for the community.  We are currently researching what technologies and infrastructure are needed/available to bring broadband internet access to our homes and community.