Good morning Jewell School community,

Earlier this week we announced that there was a positive case of COVID -19 that affected our preschool cohort.  As the week has progressed, we have had instances of a sporadic spread of positive cases within the school that are outside of the preschool cohort.  In the interest of school and community safety, we will take action to control any further spread of the virus. Therefore, Jewell School will be closed starting Thursday April, 22, 2021 through Friday April 23, 2021.  We are awaiting direction from Clatsop County Health in regards to school for the week starting April 26.

In regards to today, as you know our students and staff are already in the building. Running our buses and bringing students home to empty houses is not an option. Therefore, we plan to finish the day as scheduled.  However, if you would like to come and pick up your students, please contact Emma in the front office at 503-755-2451, ext. 2410 to make arrangements. Otherwise, they will arrive home at the regular time.

Lastly, all Track and Field practice and events will be cancelled until further notice.