Jewell H.S. Band Performing for Oregon State Solo & Ensemble Qualifier

Jewell High School Band Headed to State 2021!

On Tuesday, March 9th, the Jewell HS Band (all four cohorts at the time) came together to rehearse and record three separate recordings of a seven minute piece of music for the OSAA/OMEA Oregon state qualifier for the event known as 'Solo & Ensemble.'  This is not the same avenue in which the band has traditionally qualified for state in previous years, as that event was for the state qualifying level for all large bands in the state of Oregon (which was cancelled due to COVID-19).  This event is for soloists, and ensembles that range from 2-16 musicians, and is broken into four separate categories; soloists, small ensemble (2-4 musicians), medium ensemble (5-9 musicians), and large ensemble (10-16 musicians).  

We had 15 students eligible to compete and allowed us to fit the 16 member cap for the ensemble rules. The Jewell HS ensemble performed a piece titled "Renaissance Suite," (in three movements), and their recording was sent off to be evaluated over Spring break for the possibility to move to the state level.  There were 1,100 entries across the state of Oregon, and on Monday, April 5th the results were released.  

The Jewell HS Band ranked first place in their District 3 category, and automatically move onto the OSAA/OMEA Oregon State Solo & Ensemble State Championships.  This year, the event will be a virtual event, as was the qualifying round, with their recorded submission needing to be submitted to OSAA/OMEA by May 1st.  The results of the state championship will be revealed on May 8th.  The work and determination put forth by these very talented musicians continues to pay off, and despite the challenges that this year has created, this ensemble continues to persevere and support one another to achieve at the highest of levels.  A big thank you is also in order for the Jewell S.D. School Board members, the Jewell S.D. Administrators, and the Jewell community for all of your support and encouragement for the music program.  The support is truly appreciated!  

Thank you! 

Jewell School Music Department

*** The attached link is their performance video that automatically qualified the HS Band to the state championships.  Prior to this recording, all four cohorts came together for the first time to rehearse for 10 minutes, and then the recording session began.

H.S. Band State Qualifying Performance 2021 Link