What are the bus procedures?

All buses will have a driver and an assistant. Students will be visually screened by the bus driver and/or assistant prior to boarding the bus. Everyone on the bus (staff and students) will be required to wear a facial covering. If a student needs a facial covering we will provide one for them. Seating will be assigned by the driver and assistant; social distancing will be required.

Will bus notes be allowed?

Due to cohort restrictions, bus notes will not be allowed at this time.

What will breakfast and lunch service look like?

Jewell School will still serve breakfast and lunch each day. Students will eat in cohort groups, limiting the amount of contact with other cohort groups. Food items will be delivered to the students in their cohort groups. When students are finished eating, used trays and trash will be collected at the cohort tables. Students will be given breakfast and a lunch at the end of the day to take home for their ‘off’ day(s).

Will the elementary students be given recess periods? What will they look like?

Elementary students will be given recess periods. Recesses will be with their cohort group. Each cohort group will have access to their own balls, frisbees, etc. for their recess time. Students will not have access to the playground equipment because the district will not be able to clean/sanitize the equipment adequately between cohorts. During lunch recess, multiple cohorts will be at recess at the same time. Cohorts will be assigned to different play areas to keep cohorts separated. Those play area assignments will rotate periodically so that students will have access to different play areas.

What items will students be sharing?

Jewell School is working to minimize the amount of shared items. We have purchased bulk school supplies to ensure that each student has their own set of supplies. Any shared items will be cleaned and sanitized prior to another student’s use.

What supplies will students need at home?

Students may need typical school supplies at home like pencils, paper, scissors, crayons/colored pencils, etc.

What do I need to do if my child will be absent?

If your child is absent please call into the office and let Emma Ochoa know like you have done in the past. Emma may have specific questions for you in regards to your child, if the reason for the absence is an illness.

What happens if my child gets sick at school?

If your child gets sick at school we will isolate them, check for COVID-19 symptoms, take their temperature and call a parent/guardian as soon as possible.

Can my child wear a cloth mask? Will the school be providing masks?Are they required?

Yes, facial coverings are required by the Oregon Department of Education. Yes, you can wear a cloth facial covering. Jewell School will provide a facial covering to all students that do not have their own.

Will my child be tested for COVID at school?


When will students be able to participate in sports?

At this time, all MS and HS athletics will be held during the second semester. There will be three condensed seasons beginning with a winter sports season, followed by a fall sports season, concluding the year with a spring sports season. All schedules will be shortened, and any HS season culminating events (i.e. district tournaments, championships, etc.) are yet to be determined. Please contact Mark Freeman with further questions at markf@jewellk12.org.

When will coaches be able to begin workouts with their athletes?

There will be no MS or HS athletic workouts until October at the earliest. After we establish a functional comfort level bringing our students back on campus, the administration and AD will work with coaches and athletes who are eager to begin aerobic and/or anaerobic workouts. Please contact Mark Freeman with further questions at markfr@jewellk12.org.

How will physical distancing be maintained throughout the day?

In classrooms, buses, and the cafeteria, students will have their own space that will be at least 6 feet apart from other students. Student traffic patterns will be put into place to ensure that students are socially distanced in hallways. Shared spaces like restrooms will be monitored to ensure that space capacity requirements are met for social distancing.

How will the school limit the amount of shared surfaces and what is the plan for regularly disinfecting surfaces throughout the entire school?

Shared and high contact surfaces will be cleaned/sanitized on a regular schedule and after a cohort moves from one space to another. Students will be required to wash/sanitize their hands frequently throughout the day and anytime they enter a new space.

If a student has to stay home, what strategies are in place to support remote learning and make sure that students do not fall behind in their schoolwork?

If students miss school, our teachers will reach out to them to assess their needs and assist them with their missing assignments. Our staff have dedicated time throughout the week to devote to contacting students and families that might need extra support.

When will parents know what day(s) of the week their students are attending school and what their daily schedule will look like?

Registration packets will be mailed out on Friday the 21st of August with student schedules and cohort group information.

If my child doesn’t ride the bus or needs to be dropped off, where do I drop them off?

Before 8:00am: Students will be dropped off at the cafeteria. Their entrance will be clearly marked with a sign. Parents are to wait until a student is visually screened for COVID-19 symptoms by Jewell School staff prior to leaving.

After 8:00am: Students will be dropped off at the office. Parents will need to wait until the student is visually screened for COVID-19 symptoms by office staff prior to leaving.